DTC Welcomes 11 New Members

One important goal of the Windsor Democratic Party is to be the most welcoming and inclusive party organization in the state. Last week, we concluded the first step in a new system we’ve taken up to expand, renew, and diversify our Democratic Town Committee.

After a months-long process, the Nominations Committee recommended eleven Windsor Democrats to join the DTC. At Thursday’s meeting, all were approved, and we discussed the process, lessons learned, and plans for future recruitment.

The new members are:

  • Maria Rodriguez-Furlow
  • Sherwin A. LeGendre
  • Christina Crosset
  • Lakisha Hyatt
  • Stephanie Famiano
  • Becky Jacobsen
  • Lauren Shea-Warner
  • Jacqueline Lucier
  • Monika L. Nugent
  • LeighAnn R. Tyson
  • Paul D. Cipriano

Please join us as we celebrate the excellence within Windsor’s Democratic grassroots. View the slides below for more information about our new members and our process!