Our Elected Officials

Joe McAuliffe

Town Council

I grew up in Windsor and enjoyed everything Windsor offered when I was a kid. As an adult looking to establish my career and start a family, I looked in many of the surrounding communities to buy my first house. Some towns where simply not affordable to a young family starting out, with both high property costs and high property tax. I looked back at my hometown and found it very affordable, something a kid growing up in town does not think of. And as I raised my family here I also discovered great services for people of all ages, to the Recreation Department programs, open space for hiking and fishing, rivers for boating and services for our Senior citizens. Windsor is still affordable, as the second lowest median property tax rate in the Hartford area. Windsor has been a bargain for many years and still is.

Mary Armstrong


Moving to Windsor over 30 years ago as a single parent gave me an opportunity to raise my children in a diverse environment where neighbors became family with positive values, consistent compassion and enthusiasm.  This was indispensable as we resided in the Historic Arsenic and Lace house. Windsor’s historic sites are captivating and well preserved, and its vital commitments for residents extended my desire and excitement to build a home in Windsor, to care for my elderly mother, who herself retired from the Windsor School System. Windsor is a town where there are countless services and recreation for all ages.  Windsor’s outreach, concern, and respect for its communities’ needs is beyond compare. It’s gratifying to give back to a town that’s enhanced me and my family for years and as a retiree from the State of Connecticut’s, Judicial Branch, with a stable background and a wealth of experience, it would be an honor to serve as for the Town of Windsor.

Ayana Taylor

Board of Education

My family moved to Windsor just in time for me to attend Sage Park.  Moving back to Windsor, as many of my childhood friends have done and having my daughter at the middle school I attended shows how special a town this is.  Our community is very unique and I am excited to share with people about how awesome this little gem of a town Windsor is.

Charlotte Ricketts

Board of Education

I grew up in Windsor and I can proudly call it my hometown. One thing that sets Windsor apart from other towns is that it is a welcoming, diverse town filled with friendly people. Over the years, I continue to contribute to enhancing the community by engaging in volunteer service roles. Serving on the Board of Education is another opportunity for me to devote time toward shaping a bright future for this wonderful town.

Leonard Lockhart

Board of Education

I love Windsor for its diversity, willingness to debate the issues, school district and high quality of life. Windsor’s people and politicians exhibit behaviors not happening in Washington and Hartford, and the town’s resolve is second to none. I believe the school district is the centerpiece of the town and investing in our most precious resource, our children, is vital without exception.

Maryam Khan

Board of Education

My parents moved to Windsor with their four children in 2000 from New York City because they wanted to raise their children here. After graduating from Windsor high, I returned to Windsor in 2014 with my family for the same reason. Out of all the things I love about Windsor, I love it’s people the most. The neighbors I have met over the years and the friends my children have made in Windsor have been amazing and restore my faith in humanity daily. Everything we need and everyone we need is close by.

James Dobler

Town Council

My family moved to Windsor 18 years ago because of the proximity to 91 and the taxes.  We have stayed because of the people. We love the diversity as well as how down to earth the residents are.  Most residents “get it” and are looking for a safe, modern, affordable town that has not lost it’s small town charm and celebrates it’s past.  For the Dobler family, that is Windsor.

Lisa Bress

Town Council

I moved to Windsor with my husband, grandmother and two month old son in 1991 and I immediately fell in love with my new hometown. The first thing that struck me was Windsor’s natural beauty. The open space, river access and parks were a dream come true. Back then, I was a new mom far from family, but my neighbors and co-workers were so kind and helpful. My son and I attended library classes and swim lessons provided by the town.  When he entered public school he took cello lessons and enjoyed nature activities at Northwest Park. It didn’t take long to notice that civic, religious and charitable organizations in Windsor were working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for residents. We began volunteering as a family, made new friends and created many wonderful memories. Thirty years later, we love it even more. Windsor’s rich history and diversity, makes it a great place for families to grow.

David Furie

Board of Education

For over 36 years I was an attorney with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, retiring in 2017. I have both a law degree and Masters of Social Work from UConn. As a federal employee I was prohibited from running in a partisan election. However, I have been active in the Windsor community for a long time. I have been a member of the Windsor Democratic Town Committee for many years. I am the current Investment Chair and Past President of the Windsor Library Association. I am also a long time mentor for Team Paragon, the Windsor robotics team. My wife, a teacher at Oliver Ellsworth School, is a long time Windsor resident and her father, Paul Sorbo, was the Superintendent of Windsor Public Schools for 19 years, retiring in 1988.  Our two children attended Windsor Public Schools and as a parent I was active in the PTOs and PTAs. Windsor Public Schools provided a wonderful education to my children and it has been great to give back to the community through my active involvement on the Windsor Board of Education.

Donald Trinks


For the past 18 years I have had the honor of serving as the Mayor of my hometown. I would like to continue my service to Windsor to ensure we stay at the forefront of economic development and services to our citizens, yet are one of the most affordable communities in the Hartford area. My priorities for the next two years are to continue the positive working relationship among all of the Council members. This renewed sense of working together has been more effective in providing services for all citizens during difficult economic times. I’d also like us to continue to focus on quality of life issues such as noise, speeding and blight among our housing stock. We also need to continue our partnership with the Board of Education. Being proactive to the changing needs of our Senior population will also continue. This will enhance the positive “Brand Name” for Windsor and improve how Windsor is perceived from other communities.

Nuchette Black-Burke

Town Council

“Service is the rent we pay while living here on this earth.” – Shirley Chisholm

Being in service to the community and for the community is who I am and what I believe in.   My community, our community is every person who calls this small but mighty town home.  I am running for the Windsor Town Council because I want to ensure that there is a sense of belonging in our town.  I am proud of the diversity and inclusivity here in Windsor but the question is does everyone feel like they belong? Home is where your heart is and Windsor has my heart.  I was born and raised in Windsor, CT and chose to return here after college to start my adult life. As town councilor I want to ensure the quality of life I experienced as a child growing up is also afforded to my children who attend Windsor Public Schools, all children, and every one that calls Windsor home.  The wellbeing of the town and its people are my interest; whether its excessive speeding or the noise of trains, the people of Windsor deserve to have their concerns heard & addressed.  As an educator, parent, and lifelong resident of Windsor I will bring perspective and experience to the town council.  Listening to the concerns of our community and then acting accordingly to ensure our constituents are heard is extremely important.  I am humbled at the opportunity to serve my town in this capacity.