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DTC meeting

The Windsor Democratic Town Committee is looking for volunteers who are ready to take the next step in their political journey and join the WDTC.

The Town Committee has the power to endorse candidates for town office and appoint delegates to conventions, but it also plays an essential role in organizing within the community, building our party’s capacity to win, setting the vision and goals of what we want to accomplish as a party, identifying and recruiting future leaders, and connecting Windsorites with their Democratic elected officials. A full description of the duties and responsibilities of Town Committee members, subcommittee members, and officers can be found here.

We’re looking for people who are involved in the community and wish to be a part of building the future of the Democratic Party at the grassroots level in Windsor. The Windsor DTC is not a debating parlor! We are a party that works for what we believe in. That means you’ll be expected to volunteer for campaign and party-building activities.

To apply, just fill out this form: