Top 10 Reasons to Vote YES June 18

Windsor voters will return to the polls on Tuesday, June 18 to vote on Windsor’s budget. After the budget was defeated by four votes on May 14, the Town Council maintained the $2 million in spending cuts it had previously made, and added $144,000 in additional tax relief for seniors and veterans.

If we do not vote YES on June 18, more spending cuts will have to be made—cuts that will directly impact our quality of life. Here are some programs and services that have already been proposed to cut:

  1. Senior Tax Relief
  2. Domestic violence victim support
  3. Junior ROTC
  4. Windsor Freedom Trail
  5. Adult Education
  6. Social/Emotional Learning
  7. Gifted & Talented Education
  8. Library tutoring
  9. Reading education program
  10. Shad Derby

To fund this budget, a property tax increase of 1.49% is required. The tax due for any property is a combination of the value of the property established through the recent revaluation and the mill rate established through the budget. The revaluation is complete and will not be affected by the results of the referendum. Even if we cut all these programs, and more, that 1.49% only adds up to $75 per year for the average household.

Is Windsor worth it? We think it is! Please join us in voting YES for Windsor’s budget on Tuesday, June 18!

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