Dear Windsor Youth

Nathan Wolliston

If you’re away at school, in the military, taking care of family, or just uncomfortable in a crowd, you can still vote! Click here to download an application to vote by mail. If you’ll be in Windsor before November 2, you can go to the Town Clerk at Town Hall, 275 Broad Street to apply, receive a ballot, and vote immediately.

Dear Windsor Youth,

My name is Nathan Wolliston. I’m 23 years old, a 2016 Windsor High School graduate, and now I’m a candidate for Windsor’s Board of Education in the election coming up on November 2.

All my life I’ve heard “there’s nothing in Connecticut” for people our age. I’ve heard it all, the sighs, the complaints and displeasures. True or not, that attitude reflects a simple reality: when decisions are made about our community’s future, our generation doesn’t have a place at the table. I’m running to change that. Is a house not just a house until made a home?

It’s my deepest desire that we as youth recognize our power and place in the modern world. It’s the youth that set the trends. We hold the most underrated, underutilized and unorganized power in the world. The time to come together and use it is now.

Gone are the days that we choose inaction over any action because we fear the reaction. Gone are the days of turning blind eyes and yielding accountability. Gone are the days that we seem silent because we each have a voice that won’t be silenced.

In this new day, it’s essential that we understand that our voice matters. We’re no longer children, there’s a seat for us at the big table, and we just can’t leave it empty. When you were born a quarter century ago, something important happened. A unique perspective and purpose was placed in your heart. I’m writing to you now to call forth that perspective and stir up that purpose, and to ask you to vote in Windsor’s election on Tuesday, November 2.

Yours Truly,

Nathan Wolliston