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Nuchette M. Black-Burke


Nuchette M. Black-Burke

Who are you? 

“Service is the rent we pay while living here on this earth.” – Shirley Chisholm

Nuchette M. Black- Burke, is a wife and mother of two boys, a graduate of Western Connecticut State University and received her masters of education from the University of Hartford.  Currently employed by the Hartford Partnership for Student Success but outplaced at Hartford Public Schools as the Hartford Community Schools Coordinator were she provides technical assistance to 4 community based agencies across 7 schools.  Elected to the Windsor Board of Education in 2015 and chairs the curriculum and technology committees; she currently sits on the council for the Capital Region Education Council (CREC).  As a credentialed minister at Rehoboth Church of God in Bloomfield, CT she serves as the Youth and Discipleship Director and the coordinator for the Angel Tree Project that serves children of incarcerated families.  She is a member of the Project Resiliency advisory board – Hartford, CT. She is also a member of National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE).  She was recently elected to the board of the Windsor Education Foundation (WEF).  Her aim in life is to impact the lives of others through acts of service to community.

Why are you running?

Nuchette is proud graduate of Windsor High School and attributes much of her personal and professional success to the education she received from the Windsor Public School System.  Nuchette believes that a school board member must be accountable and responsive to the needs of our parents, students, staff, faculty and the community at large. Nuchette is an advocate for public schools and endeavors to do whatever it takes to preserve public education.  It is Nuchette’s goal to strengthen family, school, and community connections by engaging parents, families, and the community.

What would you bring to the BOE?

Nuchette brings perspective and experience as an educator, parent, and lifelong resident of Windsor.  .  Listening to the concerns of our community and then acting accordingly to ensure all students and families are being heard is extremely important.  In addition, she brings a collaborative approach with the mindset that each person within our community brings something unique to the table that can impact and benefit the students of Windsor.  By honing in on those unique qualities; together we can work effectively and as efficiently to reach our goals.  Nuchette was elected to the board in November 2015.  She served as the chair of the curriculum and technology committee to the board.  Nuchette completed the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Leadership training in 2017.

What 2 or 3 issues do you feel most strong about?  Let’s discuss.

The Windsor school system is a hidden gem in the greater Hartford area and Connecticut.  Windsor schools are leaders in technology and one of the few districts that still offers a comprehensive experience at the middle and high school levels. Nuchette is committed to ensuring the Windsor community understands and recognizes the amazing work being done in our schools.  Parents, families, and communities need to feel that they are stakeholders and viable contributors to what takes place in our schools.  Strengthening the voice of families is important.  Given the fiscal woes of our state and country, being prudent and efficient is paramount.  Windsor public schools has been fiscally responsible in the past and recognizes that moving forward the same practices will be key to ensuring that the classrooms are not impacted due to economic strain.  The professionals that instruct the students in Windsor are highly qualified and their professional development is important.  Windsor students deserve the best education and the talented innovators that teach in Windsor deserve time to hone their crafts.   

Why should a Windsor resident vote for you?

In addition to the attributes referenced above, Nuchette is not afraid to ask the “tough” questions in doing what is right and beneficial for our students, families and community.  Her experience (personal and professional) as well as community involvement further demonstrates her intention to be a game changing advocate for a quality public education in Windsor.

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