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Maryam Khan


Maryam Khan

Who are you?

My name is Maryam Khan, I live in Windsor with my husband, Muhammad Saad and three children, Wareesha (9), Yusuf (6), and Asma (4). I attended and graduated from Windsor high school in 2006. I then went on to complete my Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Manchester Community College, and my Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University. Currently, I am enrolled in the Master’s program for special education at Central Connecticut State University and I work as a substitute teacher with Kelly educational staffing.

Why are you running?

I have always been the kind of person that offers solutions to problem rather than sit by and let it happen. As a previous student of Sage Park middle school and Windsor high school, I feel there are some key missing ingredients in our schools. Windsor schools are wonderful, my own children attend Oliver Ellsworth and John F. Kennedy. However, there is always room for potential growth. I want to be a part of that process of growth, so that we grow in the direction that is good for our students and community. My professional experience as a teacher and counselor allowed me to discover my passion for the advocacy of students and families. I want to continue learning about our students’ needs and how to best help them.

What would you bring to the BOE?

I bring to the board of education my experience of 8+ years as a teacher, 2 years as a counselor and 5+ years as a student in the Education field. I also bring my experience as a parent of children in Windsor Public Schools and my experience as a product of Windsor Public Schools as well. I bring my strength to fight for what is needed and my willingness to never stop fighting for our students.

What 2 or 3 issues do you feel most strongly about?

I strongly believe that our curriculum needs to challenges students to think critically and out-of-the-box. I believe in having a student support system at the high school to help students learn about and take on various career paths.

Why should a Windsor resident vote for you?

I bring a great set of experience to the BOE and am a parent of Windsor students myself. I am invested in this town and want to see it flourish.

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