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Leonard Lockhart


Leonard Lockhart

Who are you? 

Married with four children.  University of Hartford – Electrical Engineering Technology.  Employed at Johnson Controls as an Installation Coordinators for over 21 years.  Windsor Board of Education since January 2012 – currently serving as Vice President and Finance Chairman. Windsor Volunteer Fire Department – Lieutenant in Company 2.  Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. – current alumni chapter president and immediate past Eastern Regional Director.  Leonard enjoys playing competitive slo-pitch softball, working out, investing and collecting foreign currency.

Why are you running?

Leonard Lockhart loves Windsor for its diversity, willingness to debate the issues, school district and high quality of life.  Leonard was appointed on January 24, 2012 to begin a personal desire to step up and address the ‘Alliance District’ tag placed upon the District by the State.  He began to work hard to help improve the District’s performance with every Board member that has served with him.  Leonard wishes to continue this work of the Board.  Lockhart has ascended in responsibility thru his terms and wish to continue that trend.  Lockhart often states that Windsor shall not live in fear of what is happening in Washington and Hartford and the town’s resolve is second to none.  He believes the school district is the centerpiece of the town and investing in our most precious resource, our children, is vital without exception.  “You can’t serve the people if you don’t love the people.”  Leonard Lockhart has openly expressed he would like to take the lead on the Board.

What would you bring to the BOE?

Leonard strongly believes in the concept in decreasing in himself to increase the community around him.  Leonard brings experience working with and serving the community, ability to function at a high level in public settings and meetings and the ability to listen to and comprehend people.  Leonard is experienced with Board operations, working with the District office, Town Council and CABE in delivering positive results.  Leonard bring the infinite, absolute and unrelenting drive to engage the elected officials in Hartford and citizens to provide the supports required for Windsor children.  Lockhart has demonstrated the ability to engage all members and productive run meetings while dealing with difficult topics during stressful moments.

What 2 or 3 issues do you feel most strongly about?

Leonard is very concerned about the education environment on the national and state level.  Lockhart feels unfunded mandates bundled with fiscal hardships creates a difficult environment to maintain the positive of Windsor and the district results.  Leonard feel thru hard work and candid discussions with all, Windsor has become a shining star in Connecticut.  Lockhart is a strong advocate of the district and it takes a village to educate every child with no prejudice.  Lockhart wants to provide all day pre-K for any resident that wish to register their child(ren), continue investment in technology, focus on civil engagement, STEAM, and provide more supports in math, literacy and science without increasing class sizes due to staff reduction.  Leonard wants to decrease the achievement gaps among all document cohorts.

Why should a Windsor resident vote for you?

Leonard was born and raised in Hartford.  Leonard believes that his humble beginnings shaped his work in serving others.  Leonard gives tirelessly through serving the town, church and fraternity.  Leonard has served on the town’s fire department for over 10 years, on the board of education for over five and has served on the local, state, regional and national level with his fraternity.  Leonard has demonstrated the ability to work with others despite differences. Leonard has demonstrated the ability to advocate for the resources required and fully support the efforts of the District.

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