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Jim Dobler


Jim Dobler

Who are you?

My name is Jim Dobler.  I have lived in Windsor for over 16 years with my wife Annemarie, as well as my daughters Lauren (10) and Kaitlyn (6).  Both of my girls are in the Windsor School System.  I am the head coach of both basketball and softball in town.  I am also a past vice-president of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.  We are also members of Windsor First Town Downtown and Friends of Northwest Park.

I am the National Sales Manager for CANNEX Financial Exchanges.  I hold many financial designations for excellence.  CANNEX provides financial solutions for retirement income planning.  I believe that surviving and prospering in retirement is all about education.  Which is how I feel about children growing up to be successful in their lives.  It is all about education.

Why are you running?

I became very interested in the Windsor Board of Education in 2015.  I attended most monthly meetings or watched them on the computer.  I was told by a few people in the school system, including two principals, that I would be very successful on the BOE and that I should run.  I then performed my own due diligence, which included talking to a multitude of Windsor parents, and eventually decided to take the plunge and become a candidate.

What would you bring to the Board of Education?

I bring the ideas of Windsor parents to the table.  For the last 2 years, I have spoken to many parents about what is both good and not so good within our school system.  I also bring the energy and enthusiasm of a parent who wants his children to receive a first-class education.


What 2 or 3 issues do you feel most strongly about?

I believe that formal education should begin as early as possible.  So many of our young children start their formal education at a large disadvantage if they have not had the chance to attend pre-school.  I believe we should continue and explore whether we can expand this great offering in our school system.

I also believe that we should prepare our high schoolers for what is next in their life.  Our students need to be ready for higher education, the military, the work place or whatever endeavor they plan on pursuing.

And finally, and possibly most important, we need to find a way to get Windsor parents more involved.   If a parent is more involved with what is happening in the student’s life, the more successful the child will be.  This could be anything from participating in the school system to reading with the student at night.


Why should a Windsor resident vote for you?

One reason.  I am a Windsor parent and all I care about is making sure that our students get the best education possible.

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