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Don Trinks

Don 2017

Don Trinks

Who are you?

I am a lifelong Windsor resident, having graduated from Windsor High and the onto the University of Hartford where I received a B.A in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  My wife, also a Windsor High Graduate and I made a conscious decision to stay in Windsor where we raised 2 daughters, both of which have earned Masters Degrees.  For the past 22 years I have served the Town of Windsor, the first 6 years as a Town Councilman and the past 16 years as your Mayor.  It is a position I am greatly appreciative to hold and take very serious, representing ALL citizens of Windsor. Prior to my tenure on the Town Council, I was actively involved with the Windsor Jaycees, having been Past President, the Shad Derby Festival, where I was Chairman 7 years,  As well as serving on the board of Directors of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, First town Downtown, Capital Area Substance Abuse Council, Capital Area Workforce, Capital Region Council of Governments as well as various Ad Hoc committees.

Why are you running? 

I chose to run for Town Council again because I feel I can contribute seeing Windsor through these difficult economic times in Connecticut. The Democratic leadership has positioned Windsor favorably to the uncertainty coming out of the Capital.  We showed fiscal responsibility in spearheading the construction of the new Animal Control Facility, which languished for years.  Not only was it done on time and significantly under budget but we were able to secure a State grant, to further reduce the Towns cost.  Additionally, I have been in constant contact with our State delegation to minimize any negative effects the State Budget will have on Windsor

What do you love about Windsor?

 The thing I love most about Windsor is its people. There is an immense feeling of pride among our citizens.  This is evident by the enormous amount of volunteers we have in service to Windsor.  Additionaly the numerous events, concerts, rallys and vigils all are well attended by proud Windsor residents

What do you think the council should focus on over the next 2 years?

Maintaining fiscal responsibility while monitoring and preparing for however the State budget may impact Windsor is key for the next Town Council. Along with that is making the tough decisions as to services that may be impacted.  I believe we have shown the ability to balance recent budget issues with maintaining the services and quality of life that our residents want and expect.  Maintaining citizen engagement remains a top priority for this and the next Council, stressing inclusiveness in the government decision making process as well as the numerous volunteer opportunities

Why should people vote for you?

After 22 years in elected office I still have the passion and enthusiasm I did in my first term.  I’ve seen numerous successes in that time as well as the opportunity for more in the future.  I’m proud of the professional way the Town Council conducts itself, unlike other towns where bickering and partisanship prevail.  While we may not agree on everything, everyones voice is heard and considered before decisions are made.  As the owner of Bart’s I’m in a unique position to be able to talk to the townspeople in a casual, informal atmosphere and forward their concerns


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