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David Furie


David Furie

Who are you?

My name is David Furie, I recently retired as Chief Counsel for the Connecticut Office of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) after working there for over 36 years as an attorney. I earned a dual degree from UConn Law School (JD) and the UConn School of Social Work (MSW). I am a long time member of the Windsor Democratic Town Committee and Past President and Finance Chair of the Windsor Library Association.  My wife, Kathleen Sorbo Furie, is a first grade teacher at the Oliver Ellsworth School. Both of our adult children went through Windsor Public Schools.  Both found their passions there. My daughter Amanda, was a member of the Spanish Honor Society, went to live and teach in Spain, then came back and spent four years teaching Spanish at Suffield High and currently is working on a PHD is Spanish at the University of Michigan. My younger daughter, Sarah, found her passion for videography through Team Paragon Robotics and the video courses at Windsor High. She went on to get a college degree in communications from Ithaca College and is currently in a freelance video editor in Los Angeles.

Why are you running?

I believe whole heartedly in the value of quality public education and have been a strong advocate for the Windsor Public Schools for over 30 years. I am running for Board of Education to help continue the progress under the current Democratic leadership of the Board. As a federal employee I was prohibited from running in a partisan election, so this is the first opportunity to run. I want to help preserve and protect the services provided to our schools, as there is often pressure to cut the school budget. I strongly believe that an excellent school system is a great investment and helps to maintain our property values and make Windsor a desirable place to live.  I love Windsor and Windsor Public Schools.

What would you bring to the Windsor Board of Education?

I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the Windsor Public Schools. I was active (and an officer) in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Poquonock School and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Sage Park Middle School and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at Windsor High School. I am a mentor of Windsor’s FIRST Robotics team, Team Paragon, and have been since my younger daughter was on the team. My wife is just about a life-long resident of Windsor growing up here and attending Windsor Public Schools, in fact she did so while her father was Superintendent of Schools.  So, I have a historical perspective of the Town and the public school system.

What 2 or 3 issues do you feel most strongly about?

There are a number of important issues regarding the schools. First, and foremost, is making sure that all Windsor public schools students can be successful and reach their full potential. To achieve this all stakeholders must be heard – parents, students, school professionals and the community. Another is to develop a budget that meets the needs of the students and is acceptable to the community. A third issue is to continue efforts to have the community involved in the schools and provide opportunities to all that want to help make the schools better. In part this means fostering the School, Family, and Community Partnership program

Why should a Windsor resident vote for you?

One of the perks of retirement is that I have the time to both observe and assist in all of the schools during the day. I also have the time to attend meetings and professional workshops and have conversations regarding the schools. I think that is important considering the decisions a school board member must make.  As mentioned previously, I have been involved in Windsor Public Schools since my children started to attend them in the 90’s; so, I have a good understanding of the workings of the school system. I am a big proponent of public schools, my mother was a public school teacher and I grew up understanding the importance of good schools.

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