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About Windsor Democrats

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Windsor’s Democratic Party is an open, diverse and inclusive organization focused on the goal to spend time, energy and resources to sign up, inform and engage voters in the electoral process and elect democratic candidates.

Elections are won with a solid strategic operating structure benefited by active participation and engaged campaigning that is well resourced with members’ investment of time, energy and funds and every member of Windsor’s Democratic Town Committee must be committed to engage in the process and support the needed efforts to reach the goals.

Town Committee members are your neighbors, family and friends all with a commitment to make Windsor a better place to live, work and grow our families.  We are registered democrats with a commitment to voice our views, act on our principles and make decisions in democratic fashion.


To become a member of the Democratic Town Committee first you must be a registered Democrat.  You also need to join in and become involved.  Volunteers in all capacities are always welcome.

Town Committee members are elected in a caucus every 2 years – even numbered years – in January.  They begin their 2 year term in March after the process which may include a primary has been completed.

Those wishing to become involved, which is the best way to get to know those who may eventually be voting for you, is to get involved in campaigns, attending meetings and democratic fundraisers.

The town committee size is based on the by-laws requirement that provides for 1 town committee member for every 150 registered democrats in Windsor.  The 2018 town committee size is 65 people based on the Party rules and voter registration numbers.


The democratic party has its local by-laws that guide the process.  It is also bound by rules of the state and national party organizations. State laws also cover party activities, finance collection and reporting, and election process.

   Windsor Democrats are active and engaged in democratic politics at all levels; local – state –  national electing candidates and moving issues.  “All politics is local” said former House Speaker Tip O’Neill and we know that all elections and issues are won when we reach out talk to and help educate and activate the voters in our town – in our local voting districts – there’s only one place they can vote – right here – so that’s where we spend most of the effort.

This was the Windsor Democrats Headquarters for the 2009 election on Broad St – Plaza Building –

Obama was  in the house    –   well at least his cardboard cutout….


or to volunteer to help

Contact Al Simon – Democratic Town Chairman


E-mail Al Simon

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