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Budget Vote #4

The third referendum failed to pass a budget for the town on June 23rd.  The next referendum will be on Tues July 14th.

At their meeting on Mon June 29th the Town Council responded to the results and the voters.  There was overwhelming support from the voters to restore funding that had been cut from the Town side of the budget.  Previous cuts to Safety Services, Public Works and the Open Space fund were restored and money to pay for the additional tax bill required to go out once the budget finally passes was added into this budget that will go before the voters on July 14th.  Citizens were mixed about support for the Board of Education portion of the budget.  Some wanted more cuts, some wanted no further cuts and others wanted previous cuts restored.  The Town Council compromised and made no further cuts.

Vote Yes on July 14th and show your support for restored services and no further cuts from the Board of Education.


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