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WDTC subcommittee meetings Tonight @ 6:30pm

Interested in being more actively involved with the DTC?  Join one of these groups at 6:30pm tonight.  Our regular meeting will begin at 7pm.


This committee will establish and maintain a two year calendar of events. Initial input from all WDTC members will be welcomed. The idea of a two year period is in recognition of the cycles for such things as municipal elections (odd years) and State House and Senate elections (even years). The committee itself may not actually plan an event. For example the calendar committee may state for October “Fall fundraiser” and “Chili Fest”. Hopefully that would mean that the planning for that event might be taking place months before and the committee would alert the Steering Committee that an actual committee might need to be established for these events. In other cases there could be standing committee that will work on the event.


The Community Outreach Committee of the Windsor DTC was established in 2012 to increase diversity of Democrats in: the membership of the DTC, those recommended for boards and commissions and those running for municipal office. Diversity would be achieved through: increasing the visibility of Windsor Democrats, what we do and what we stand for, to more and varied sectors of the community; personally engaging organizations whose membership is focused on one community or another; and by having the Windsor Democrats run activities outside of the Council Chambers that would be publicized to target communities. Originally focused on ethnic and gender diversity, the committee has also incorporated age diversity. Community Outreach Committee also seeks a new Chair to continue its mission and increase its engagement.

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